Welcome to Morphi!

Current versions of Morphi and MorphiEdu for iPad and Morphi for Mac and Morphi for Windows are available for download here. We are still in development on our Android tablet version and iPhone versions as well as new features and upgrades for our iPad, Mac and Windows versions so stay tuned. 

Short videos on each of Morphi's tools can be found on our Morphi YouTube channel.  A playlist of Morphi for iPad tutorials is here. A playlist for Morphi for Mac and Windows laptops and desktops are here.

You can get a sense of how Morphi is being used across the world by checking out our @morphiapp instagram page where we post public projects made by our users. We also use #morphitips on instagram to post quick, fun tips on how to use Morphi.

Before using Morphi, please read all information contained in the legal section of this website because your use of any and all Morphi software, this website and our social media accounts (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest) is subject to the terms and conditions contained there.

You can send any feedback, suggestions and questions you may have directly to us at



Morphi is a dynamic creation tool and with the help of our users we want to make Morphi the best it can be. Below is a list of common issues which will help you better navigate the app.

Learn to use Morphi's Tools + Features

Morphi is a fun, self-directed learning tool. Please watch the Videos on our Morphi app YouTube channel to teach yourself how to use Morphi on iPad, Mac and Windows. We are continually adding more tutorials to help you master 3D design in Morphi.

You can also contact us at at any time at with specific questions about Morphi's tools and features. In the meantime, below are some common issues:

Prevent crashing

We actively work on crash minimization so please send us your feedback.

When in doubt, reset the App

If certain features of the app are not consistently working in a session, we recommend that you (1) close your modeling scene and exit the app, (2) close all open apps as described above and (3) reopen the same modeling scene you were working in and see if it is functioning well. If features are still not working, open a new scene and use the clipboard to move your objects to a new modeling scene.

If those steps do not work, completely shut down the device and re-enter the app. To shut down, exit the app and hold down the On/Off button on the device until you see the power off slider and slide it on off. Then re-enter the app and enjoy.

Emailing STL files

If you are having problems sending STL files from the iPad, please check the following: 

  • The iPad must have an email account set up. To set up an email account, go to Settings, then Mail Contacts, Calendars then follow the instructions to add an account under Accounts
  • The iPad must have wifi access.
  • The email to which you are sending the STL file must be a valid email address.

Subtracting Objects

To subtract one object from another object, select and position the object to be subtracted and press subtract in the left toolbar.

To subtract from grouped objects, you will need to ungroup the objects first and then subtract individually.

2D to 3D Draw Tools

The draw tools are very sensitive. Experiment with different levels of touch or even a stylus if you're having difficulty drawing and you may achieve better results.

If you draw more than one object in the Draw Tool and press 3D, the objects will be automatically grouped together. To ungroup them, selecting the grouped object and press the ungroup button in the left toolbar.

The Photo Album and Camera tools are experimental and require trial and error but can have excellent results once you master them.

Contact us

For support, questions or suggestions, please use the form below or email us directly at

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Sharing models made in Morphi

We're working on how users can share 3D models made in Morphi directly in the app with other Morphi users. Currently, you can directly upload your 3D models from your iPad to your Thingiverse page or Adobe Creative Cloud account by going to the Gallery and clicking the arrow key at the bottom right of your model.