One of the top 10 3D modeling software programs for beginners.
— 3D Natives
Best In Class for Design
— PSFK/Intel Makers Manual
Hand a second grader an iPad with Morphi and they’ll be designing their own 3D printable models literally in minutes.
— Dr. Laura Taalman (aka MathGrrl), Shapeways
Morphi is equipping thousands of educators and students across STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) subjects to actively use 3D design in the classroom.
— Michael A. Parker,
One of the top mobile 3D modeling apps to design + 3d print on the go.
— i. materialise
One of the best Augmented Reality apps for iOS11.
— Trevor Sheridan, App Advice
Morphi is unique among 3D modelers because of its fresh approach to 3D design with a focus on touch, 2D to 3D tools, simplified CAD, a friendly interface and no barriers to entry like WiFi or passwords.
— Ten Links
One of the top 9 professional 3D printing apps
— Claire Chaubad, Sculpteo
One of the best makerspace apps.
— Wendy Harrop, Teachers with Apps
One of the best tools for designers.
— NEO Design blog
One of the great tech tools for back to school
— Jennifer Hanson, School Library Journal
One of the top 5 3D Printing apps for engineers.
— Chitra Sethi, ASME
One of the top 10 best 3D design and printing softwares.
— 3DNatives
One of the top 5 3D Printing apps by their numbers.
— Tech At Last
As technology becomes a natural part of classrooms everywhere, Morphi is a great addition to your art studio. The Morphi team notes, “We recognize and celebrate the power of art educators as leaders in the maker education and ed tech movements. We believe art educators are uniquely positioned in schools because they can often be more experimental and progressive in their approach to teaching – bridging the many academic disciplines including STEAM.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.
— Wynita Harmon, The Art of Ed
In Morphi, people can design on the go – inside, outside, while in transit (train, bus, subway, boat), in the park, at school, in class, at work, while waiting on a line, at the beach, on a mountain top), etc. Users can save directly to the device so they do not need WiFi access to use the app (they do however need internet when they want to export their models for 3d printing).
— SolidSmack interview
We have had success using Morphi to get beginners engaged with design.
— Andrea Puglisi, Pittsfield, Massachusetts Library, Ultimaker Blog
An important new development in app choices for 3D design is Morphi and their newly released Morphi Edu, which has a draw-to-3D capability not found anywhere else.
— Alice Gentili, NAEA Awardee, School Arts Magazine
I think that Morphi offers a lot to both novices and advanced modelers. I’ve been impressed with their software since first seeing Morphi at NY Tech Day, shortly after its launch. Their commitment to building a globally conscious and inclusive community. As an educator, I appreciate how Morphi makes 3D modeling accessible to students of all ages.
— Michael A. Parker,
Morphi is an extremely user-friendly design tool which lets users create 3D printable STL files using 3D shapes, text, hand drawings, images, and streamlined 3D modeling tools.
— Benedict,
Sophia Georgiou, Morphi’s CEO, offered an impromptu talk with the girls in Verizon’s Innovation Learning (VIL) STEM camp at Paul D Camp Community College in Virginia and gave a tutorial on Morphi via Skype. VIL Camp Director Teri Zurfluh quipped, “It’s kinda like getting tips on using Microsoft from Bill Gates!”
— The Tidewater News